Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – Walkthrough

Welcome to our complete solution for Uncharted – The Lost Legacy. This is a stand-alone expansion to Uncharted 4 – A Thief’s End, which takes place after the presumably last adventure of Nathan Drake. You take on the role of Cloe Frazer, who together with the antagonist from Uncharted 4 – Nadine Ross – wants to find the tusk of the deity Ganesha. Before you start the game, we recommend the following 9 tips from our picture gallery!

Qualitatively, The Lost Legacy is a full-fledged uncharted game – but not quite as extensive. You can expect nine chapters and a game time of 7 to 10 hours. Nevertheless, there are lots of collectibles that invite you to explore and extend the game time.

In addition to our text solution, we offer you video guides in which we end the chapters in a targeted and straightforward way. We also collect all treasures & co. a. So if you follow the solution, you can’t miss anything!



Chloe Frazer shows the introductory scene during tough business negotiations with Indian girl Meenu. After paying for the shawl and taking control of Chloe for the first time, follow the right path and then go down the stairs on the left.

Go straight ahead to the stand with the many jugs where you can take a picture. Then turn around 180 degrees and go right through the crowd of people. Meenu stabs you in a short sequence of the Ganesha figure, which you then reclaim – this is the first treasure.

Then you go down the stairs on the right and follow the path to the main road. After the sequence, Meenu distracts the soldier. You now have a few seconds to jump on the truck. Once you’ve done that, the prologue of Uncharted – The Lost Legacy ends.


Chapter 1: The Uprising

Searching for a red door, stroll through the city’s linear lanes. As soon as you pass a car, turn left and head straight for the checkpoint.
The soldiers become suspicious, but still let you pass. Follow the linear path until you can press L3 to aim for the red door you are looking for. Then turn right and don’t deviate from the path.

A rat shows you the way through a broken fence. A short time later, cover up behind the sandbags with the circle key and wait for one of the soldiers to come to you. Press the square key to silently turn it off.

Jump over the barricade and sneak up to the soldier who went into the left lane to eliminate him as well. After that it’s not far to the red door. However, the lock has to be broken by you – not a very difficult matter.

Off to the roof

Go down the stairs inside the building. After that you can either turn right or left along. We recommend the left path through the water. Wait until the soldiers have left the staircase and then go up the stairs to the next level section.


There are three opponents here. The first one walks right past you and invites you to the turn of the neck. Afterwards you look around on the west side for a big hole in the wall. Take cover here and wait until the second soldier is in position – the surprise attack can start.

Now jump through the hole and look to the right. You will discover a staircase leading up to the roof of the building – so you can spare the third soldier.

On the roof you can see a well lit ladder on the left side, which you have to climb up. Before you do this, look for a treasure to the left of the ladder. Finally, you’ll have to fight a little skirmish with half a dozen soldiers – Nadine supports you. As soon as all opponents are on the boards, Chapter 1 ends.