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Nintendo shows again and again with success that on the screen not only blood has to inject. Brain chasing games are also very popular, as the two Dr. Kawashima parts show. The Big Brain Academy, released a year ago for the Nintendo DS, seamlessly followed these successes.

Watched Wii owners so far at the brain marathon in the tube, now the game was implemented under the name Big Brain Academy for Wii for the new console. Whether the implementation and the game principle transferred from the handheld to the console loss-free transfer, you will learn in our review.

Headaches guaranteed

To the story of Big Brain Academy for Wii there is not much to say: There is actually no! Nevertheless, it is one of the more challenging games, as man or woman has to work the gray cells and the brain is trained. After the game has been inserted and started, you are greeted by a somewhat rustic-looking professor named Lobo, who has a few cunning sayings around his ears. At the same time, he also greeted us in the same breath as our constant companion: the FB assistant. Who now expects a racy blonde, has far missing. Instead, a female voiced from the speaker of the Wii remote, which also welcomes us. But now it can finally go. But before you can put your brain to the test, you have to first register in the office of the academy in the study book. From now on, the image of his alter ego is emblazoned on this book, in which all the results and records are stored. If you enter the Aula, you can not trust your eyes: the Miis from the Mii can run around here, which creates a sense of familiarity, and quite by the way, this Rumgewusel breathes something from a real university.

BBAcademy 1

First, the game will be explored on its own. So go to the left wing of the academy, where you find the actual “test” next to the “exercises”, with which the weight of the brain is to be determined. In the test, the mass of the brain is measured in 15 different tasks from five academic categories: vision, memoria, analysis, algebra and piracta. Not only is it difficult to understand how hard the brain is, but it also gets an individual rank depending on the performance. Finally, the test also reveals which personality the brain has! For the test itself, you select the Mii you just entered in the study book and select “TO TEST” to finally start. Before it finally starts, read the rules to the respective knowledge area, so you know what the tasks are. In “Vision”, for example, the three tasks all revolve around an accurate observation of the player.

In the first exercise, “Pictogram Hunting”, the displayed symbols must be made in a kind of “Hau den Lukas” game. The “image focus” presents only blurred, pixelated or almost concealed images, which become more and more clear in the course of time and where it is, of course, quickly to find out what is on the picture. The last exercise “Night Safari” lets the player light the dark with a flashlight. The task is to find out by which lamp most of the specimens are here. The four other categories offer similar exercises, each of which is adapted to their subject matter. After completing all the tasks from the five categories, you will learn your brain mass. Each individual area of ​​knowledge is provided with a gram number so that the final result is determined. In addition, Professor Lobo will tell you where you have been very good and where there may still be some exercise. This is where the exercises come into play, because these are the ideal way to improve or deepen their skills in certain categories or tasks. You can win a bronze, silver and gold medal in each task on each difficulty level.

Game Details

Anyone who now thinks that the potential of the game has already been exhausted has again missed, because the game even contains 3 different multiplayer games, in which the player alone can compete against the study books of the other Miis or even against other human players. The Brain Sprint, for example, is a hot race where two teams try to solve a set number of tasks as quickly as possible. With a single Wii remote, a team of up to four players can compete against a study book. For this, 4 Wii remotes are not required – as possibly assumed – and the remote control is passed on to the next player. If, on the other hand, 2 remote controls are used, two teams with up to four players can compete against each other. As soon as a team reaches the finish line, the victory starts.

In the “Brain Marathon”, a student or a team of up to eight students must try to solve as many tasks as possible without errors within a time limit. Once the time has elapsed or a single task is answered incorrectly, the brain marathon is over. In order to participate in the Brain Marathon, only one Wii Remote is required. If several students take part, they will be handed over as before. At the end of the brain marathon, the performance of the individual participants is displayed and evaluated.

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